First Awards Competition Illusion from Ledesma

ARGENTINA GRAFICA 2010 has been the setting for the awards to graphic works that were printed on Illusion paper line from Ledesma.

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ARGENTINA GRAFICA 2010 was the stage for the awarding of the first event organized by Ledesma for graphic work that were done with their Illusion line of papers.

Managers of Graphic Papers Division from Ledesma highlighted the coincidence that the first event to award print quality to be got with Illusion coated paper line took place in ARGENTINA GRAFICA 2010. An exhibition that always points with illusion to get the highest level among Latin America graphic shows.

The first prize went to Dot PrePress and handed by Mario Sily, President of UGAS (Argentine Graphic Sector Union), who had acted as a jury member who evaluated the entries.

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